Podcast Feedback & Consultant

Podcast Feedback & Consultation

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Get Feedback & Consult with An
Award-Winning Producer

I was honored to win a Webby Award for Best Sound Design & Original Music in a Podcast.

3 Feedback Options To Choose From

1. Short Review: $95

(1 Email)
I'll give your episode a listen and provide you with my initial thoughts on your sound and how you can improve it.

2. Full Review: $495

(1 Email)
I'll give a focused listen to 1 full episode of your podcast and offer a review on the following criteria:

Sound - How is your mix, are the tracks balanced properly (i.e. voice over music and sound effects)? Are there any out of place frequencies? What can you do to make improvements to your audio quality? Potential recording techniques. Gear and third party plug-in recommendations.

Performance - Did the host hold my attention? Is the content engaging? How can you improve the performance and how to best speak to your audience?

Structure - Was the show format easy to follow? How was the flow? How did it make me feel? Did the episode feel too quick or too lengthy? 

Overall Thoughts - What do I think about your show concept and is there room for development? Does the show thumbnail graphic capture my attention? The overall feeling I was left with at the end of your episode.

3. Full Review + 1 Hour Consultation: $995

(1 Email & 1 Hour Call)
I'll give you the Full Review shown above, plus a 1 hour phone call Consultation to discuss my review, answer any questions and discuss ideas for your show.
Regular price $95
1. Short Review
2. Full Review
3. Full Review + 1h Consultation
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Once you've purchased the feedback option you'd like, I'll reach out to you within 24h.
Looking forward to hearing your work & helping you take it to the next level.